Punn Wiantrakoon is a lifelong artist, filmmaker and writer. Born in Thailand where he spent his childhood years lying on the floor reading and drawing comic books. Until 1988 when his family immigrated to the US, settling in northern Virginia. Punn has been in the visual effects and animation industry for over 15 years working on blockbuster features such as Jurassic World, Zootopia and The Jungle Book. He currently works for Walt Disney Animation Studios.
Punn, along with his creative partner Marcus Lee, founded  the Los Angeles based production company  Broken Strong Productions. Their guiding mission is to explore and celebrate the power of resilience and personal transformation, through telling elevated, human centered stories.

Since founding Broken Strong in 2016, the team has produced a number of award winning projects, including a film scored by Danny Elfman, starring dance sensation Chadd Smith, and is currently shopping an original science fiction anthology series starring Supernatural TV star Rob Benedict.
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